Pedagogy Wednesdays

Pedagogy Wednesdays are open to faculty and staff. Three to four times a semester, C-TIE offers an event featuring speakers and interactive workshops focused on pedagogical issues relevant to our work. Note that these events occur on Wednesdays, 1-2:21 pm, currently on Zoom.

C-TIE Pedagogy Wednesdays, Spring 2021

The MMC Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence is pleased to announce the following “Pedagogy Wednesdays” lineup. These events provide faculty and staff with opportunities to engage in discussions about specific pedagogical issues. The Spring 2021 semester is dedicated to virtual teaching and learning.

All 1:00-2:21 pm via Zoom

How Students Learn

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Lindsay Green (Academic Access), and C-TIE Fellows Magda Maczynska and Nava Silton will explore with us what faculty need to know about how students learn best.

Share Your Technology Toys

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

We invite faculty to share what technology is making their top-10 pedagogy lists.

Assessing Student Learning

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Pielah Kim and Corey Liberman will ease our burdens by reviewing what learning assessment is all about and how best to use the process to our advantage.

Pedagogy Mondays Spring 2021 (Bonus Tracks)


Teaching a Double Block

Monday, March 1, 2021

Those of us who have taught the “three-hour block” will share tips on how to use the time in engaging and creative ways.

Teaching a Blended Course

Monday, April 5, 2021

New York City Seminar leaders and others who use NYC in their teaching will share tips about how to blend classrooms.

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  • Past Pedagogy Events

    Check out the titles of past Pedagogy Wednesdays titles for a sample of what our events are all about:

    Fall 2020


    Spring 2019

    Accessibility: Michael Johnson

    Working with Students on the Autism Spectrum: Christina Castronovo

    Gen Wha? Laura Tropp and Lorraine Martinez-Novoa

    Brave Spaces and Discussions about Race (Part II): Rebecca Mattis-Pinard


    Fall 2018

    Teaching with Technology: Brian Rocco and Rab Rai

    Innovative Teaching: Nava Silton, Ceilia Feilla, Catherine Cabeen, and Diana Epelbaum

    Brave Spaces and Discussions about Race (Part I): Sarah Nelson Wright and Rebecca Mattis-Pinard


    Spring 2018

    What’s New with C-TIE: Fellows Tahneer Oksman, Nava Silton, Gunjali Trikh and Edrex Fontinella

    How to Detect “Fake News”! Tahneer Oksman and Mary Brown

    Free Books: Open Educational Resources: Michelle Ronda (BMCC)


    Fall 2017

    Supporting Students with Disabilities: Diana Epelbaum, Diana Nash, and Lindsay Green

    Using Digital Tools in Pedagogy: Gunjali Trikha and Lorraine Martinez-Novoa

    The International Student Experience: Michael Salmon and Alison Eassa


    Spring 2017

    Innovative Assignments: Bringing Term Papers and Final Exams into the 21st Century: Tahneer Oksman, Julie Huntington, and Biba Sampoli-Benitez

    Innovative Inclusivity: Strategies for Dealing with Real-Classroom Scenarios: Sarah Nelson Wright

    Innovative Media: Developing Media Literacy in the Classroom Jessica Blatt, Gunjali, and Lorraine Martinez-Novoa


    Fall 2016

    Inclusivity Survey Results: Putting Them to Work: Jill Stevenson, Peter Schaefer, and Magda Maczynska

    Putting NYC in New York City Seminars: Julie Huntington, Sarah Nelson Wright, Ann Jablon, Nava Silton, Hallie Cohen, and Vandanda Rao

    Grading Creativity: The Objective in the Subjective: Dan Hunt, Hallie Cohen, and David Mold


    Spring 2016

    Alternative Approaches to Grading: Jessica Blatt and Rebecca Sperling

    Writing Across the Curriculum (and in the Disciplines): Tahneer, Matt Bissell, Monica Colbert, Magda Maczynska, Sharmaine Brown, and Sandra Hurtes

    Putting Digital into Digital Pedagogy: Katherine D. Harris (San Jose State University)

    Open Educational Resources: Brian Rocco and Mary Brown


    Fall 2015

    Hybrid Classes: The Best of Both Worlds? Biba Sampoli-Benitez

    The Teaching Apprentice: A Model for Expanding Upper-Level Teaching and Learning Opportunities for Students: Brad Herling, Ann Jablon, and Linda Solomon

    Bust a Move: Kinesthetic Learning and the Liberal Arts: Catherine Cabeen


    Spring 2015

    Notes on Note-taking: Sam Berkule, Meg Shakibai, and Jens Gierfsdorf

    Playing Games in College: Serious Learning through Play: Jessica Blatt

    Designing Tests to Tap Higher Order Thinking: Carrie Ann Biondi


    Fall 2014

    Mental Health and the College Population: Paul Grayson and Sarah Weinberger-Litman

    Blogs, Wikis and Instagram for Extending the Classroom Community: Erin O’Conner and Jill Stevenson

    Scholarly Work and Public Interventions: Cheryl Paradis, Laura Tropp, and Sue Behrens

    How (and Why) to Use Twitter in Your Class: Katie LeBesco (redux)


    Spring 2014

    Creating a Teaching Portfolio: Jenny Dixon

    Using Classroom Space Innovatively: Jill Beier and Deirtra Hunter

    Using BlackBoard in Hybrid and Online Teaching: BlackBoard reps and Brian Rocco

    Thinking about Numbers: Lia Margollin and Richard Garrett

    How (and Why) to Use Twitter in Your Class: Katie LeBesco


    Fall 2013

    Promoting and Grading Class Presentations: Mike Colvin, Ale Leri, Lauren Brown, and Tami Stronach

    The Joy of Rubrics: Michelle Ronda, Brad Herling, and Phil Meyers

    Tools for Teaching Excellence: Laura Tropp, Carrie Ann Biondi, and Andreas Hernandez

    Using Plagiarism Detection Software: Mary Brown


    Spring 2013

    High Impact Practices for Classroom Group Work: Julie Huntington and Corey Liberman

    Expanding Student Literacies: Sue Behrens, Hallie Cohen, Millie Falcaro, and Beth Shipley

    Supporting Neurodiverse Students: Alan Cohen, Diana Nash, and Nava Silton

    Class Interaction with Mobile Phones: Katie LeBesco


    Fall 2012

    Pedagogy Mentoring Cluster Wine and Cheese Reception

    Pointers on Peer Observation: Martha Sledge

    Teaching Oral Communication Skills: Ann Aguanno, Adrienne Bell, David Linton

    Minimalist Marking? Taming the Grading Beast: David Mold, Rosemary Nossiff, and Vandana Rao

    Think You Know BlackBoard? Brian Rocco and Michelle Ronda


    Spring 2012

    Ten Tips for Teaching First-Year Students: Cecilia Feilla

    Bloom’s Taxonomy: Carrie Ann Biondi

    Civic Reflection through Poetry: Ed Grippe (Norwalk CC)

    Is the Text Dead? Approaches to Class Readings:  Jessica Blatt, Leslie Levin, David Linton, Biba Sampoli-Benitiz, Jill Stevenson

    Practicing Prezi Presentation Software: Matthew Slaats and Betsy Barre


    Fall 2011

    Writing for Learning: Magda Maczynska

    Easy Tech Tools for Teaching and Learning: Rebecca Mushtare

    Attack of the POD People: Sue Behrens and Katie LeBesco

    Publishing on Pedagogy: Jen Brown, Jens Giersdorf, Corey Liberman, Sue Behrens, Magda Maczynska, Katie LeBesco

    Pedagogy Mentoring Cluster Luncheon and Debriefing