Thank You

Thank you to all who generously supported
the 2018 Annual Scholarship Benefit:




Carol Berman ’13 and Walter Berman



James and Marilyn Simons P’20
Lucille Zanghi and James Dow


Valerie and Joseph W. Brown
Helen Demetrios ’73
Barbara Lynch Loughlin ’70 and Gerald M. Loughlin, MD
Alice and Michael J. Materasso



Asmita and Arun Bhatia
Chartwells Dining Services
Anne C. Flannery ’73
Paul A. Galiano and Tishman Speyer
Jeffrey Lynford and Educational Housing Services
Patricia Parisi Magliocco ’63 and John Magliocco
Deborah and Scott Rechler
Timothy P. Tracy and Gerard B. Tracy Associates, Inc.
Cecilia Tudela-Montero ’90 and Fernando Montero
Edward P. Van Saders ’95 and Paul Shusterman


Linda Basilice-Hoerrner ’71 and August Hoerrner
Jill Bright ’83 and Gunther Bright
Bright Power, Inc.
Vin Cipolla and Celine McDonald
Paul L. Ciraulo and Patti Manzi
The Cooper Family Foundation
David Corvo and Michele Willens
Abby C. Fiorella ’83 and Julie A. Griffin
Sandra Goldstein and Sigmund Mandelbaum
Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Mary Ellen McNiece Hawn ’91 and Gates Helms Hawn
Margaret and Eric Hefner P’20
HiTouch Services
Cheryl and John Hunt
Eleanor Maiella Imperato ’68
Hope Knight ’85 and Steven Umlauf, Ph.D.
Ursula and Paul C. Lowerre ’81
Judith L. Robinson ’90
Rose Creative Group Inc.
Christine Fiorella Russo, Ph.D. ’53
Karen and William G. Waldorf and Waldorf Risk Solutions
Kerry Walk, Ph.D.
Margaret Carter Weissman and Daniel Weissman
Kathy and Penn Wyrough
Leslie and Ronald J. Yoo


Christina and Paul Del Balso
Debra A. Cooper P’15
Mary R. Fleischer, Ph.D.
Maureen Cahill Grant, Ph.D. ’60
Connie and Kevin Hackett P’17
Pia and Richard Halloran
Roberta Kastelic and Brett Sirota
Valerie and Montgomery Kuklenski P’20
Michael Newhall
Kelli Hunter Petruzillo *
Joel P. Thompson


Gail and Gilbert Ahye *
Linda and David Alhadeff *
Peggy Amster
Anonymous *
Michael Barnett
Gail Baumrin *
Camp Towanda *
Talia Carner
Jeffery Chaddock and Mark Morrow *
The Honorable Kevin Craig P’21
Joel Dela Cruz *
Jane Desmond and Sam Lubliner *
Helene and Glenn Dorfman *
Laura Elkins and Mike Musachio *
Bonnie and Lee Feinberg *
Constance FitzGerald and Jay Stevelman *
Rhonda and Owen Frances *
Nanci Gabay-Fisher and Alex Fisher *
Peggy Gelman *
MacAire and Christopher Gigler
Cheryl Goldstein
Teresa E. Granados
Margot Green *
Jessica A. Greenberg *
Phyllis and Allan Hartstein *
Robert Hawkins
Thomas Hoffman ’13
Leslie and Joel Katz *
Linda and Gordon Katz *
Jody Katz *
Karen Kayton *
Donna and Brian Kennedy *
Fran Kirsch
The Krasner Family *
Bernadette Russo Kriftcher ’65
Barbara and Alvin Lebensfeld *
Shelley and Paul Lindenauer *
Nonceba L. Lubanga
Lillian and Gerald Luterman *
Kayla McCaffrey and Scott J. Nitz
Alice O’Hara McCarter ’65
Joyce Miller *
Tammy Mingoia
Alvarene Murray Molland ’75
Wendy Morris
Patricia Newman
Harriet and Howard Rosenberger *
Sharon Roth *
Bonnie Salkind *
Jill and Richard Schloss P’20
Susan and Eric Schuander
Mary and Frank Skillern *
Jessica and Jeremy St. Marie
Lynn and Bruce Surry *
Nancy Walk
Elizabeth and Richard Weeks

Benefit Supporter Listings as of April 18, 2018.

* Contributions made in honor of Carol Berman ’13