First Generation Cohort Program

The First Generation Cohort Program (FGCP) is a College-wide initiative aimed at supporting students who identify as first-generation and come from low income backgrounds (or qualify for a Pell Grant). 

The year-long cohort model program provides opportunities for students to build community with one another, receive academic support, gain access to resources, and work towards their professional development. Additionally, each incoming student in the cohort will be matched with a First Gen Guide who will provide hands on support, direction, and connectivity during their first year at Marymount Manhattan College.

Program Eligibility

Each year, twenty (20) Incoming First Time Full Time students will be accepted into the program cohort. To be eligible for FGCP , students must be:

  • First Generation, which is defined as a student who comes from a family where no parent or guardian earned a four-year college degree in the United States or abroad.
  • Considered Low Income, which is determined by Pell eligibility.
  • A first time student to college.
  • In no other cohort program such as HEOP, or Jump Start.
  • Complete an application no later than July 15 of each academic year.

There are several components to the First Generation Cohort Program:

· Mentorship: Students will meet one-on-one with your First Gen Guide throughout the year.

· Workshops: Students will attend required workshops focused on professional development, academic success, social awareness, and wellness.

· Financial Support: Students will receive a stipend in the fall and spring semesters for up to one year.

· Staff support: Students will meet with the program coordinator throughout the program to discuss any challenges, and to ensure progress on both academic and professional goals. The program coordinator will provide on-going staff support, and connect students to dedicated staff members to solve problems as they arise.

· Life Skills: Students will engage in developmental opportunities aimed at enhancing their ability to handle aspects of their life beyond college

· Cohort Model: Students will participate in a cohort model program. Students will get to know each other personally and serve as a peer support group throughout the program.

Complete an application no later than July 15 of each academic year!


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