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Inclusivity Programming

The Intercultural Center at MMC hosts a variety of diversity and inclusivity programs throughout the academic year. With speakers, workshops, social, and cultural events, students have ample opportunity to immerse themselves in the college’s rich array of activities. The programs offer enhanced student learning and help students develop their sensitivity as citizens of a global society.

  1. Affinity Hours in the Intercultural Center

Affinity spaces are formed spaces around a shared identity for people who share this identity to come together to reflect, discuss, and heal together. The Intercultural Center dedicates one hour a week to create an affinity based space for an identity each week.  Check out Engage for our monthly calendar to attend. Space is both virtual and in person. 

Recognition Months

We continue to celebrate annual events like the programs listed below. In addition to heritage programming, the Intercultural Center sponsors events related to current experiences. If you have a programming suggestion please email interculturalcenter@mmm.edu Check out the calendar and the ‘What’s Happening at MMC’ tab for more events.

Asian Pacific Islander Desi Associated

Asian Pacific Islander Desi Associated (APIDA) Heritage Month is celebrated in the month of May to commemorate the immigration of Japanese to the United States on May 7, 1843 as well as pay tribute to the Chinese immigrants who were the majority of workers that laid tracks to the transcontinental rail, completed on May 10, 1869.

The Marymount community celebrates during the month of April in order to allow our community participate in educational, supportive, and celebratory events before the semester ends. Our theme for 2022 is Amplifying Asian Voices. In light of COVID-19, the increase in discrimination, harassment, and violence endured by the APIDA community has left many silent. However, through this harrowing time, many members of the community and its allies have banned together to bring attention and take action. We will continue these efforts by ensuring a space of recognition, celebration, and honor of dynamic contributions made by the APIDA community. 

Black History Month

Black History Month is observed in the month of February each year. Dr. Carter G. Woodson is known as the father of Black History, as he started this preservation of legacy with the first Negro History Week in 1926. From there, numerous grassroots movements amplified its importance to grow the week into Black History Month in 1976.

In 2022 for Black History Month our theme is Black Futures. Black Futures challenges us to rekindle the spirit of radical Black imagination. The same spirit that so many of our great Black thinkers, artists, and activists who came before us have practiced, and used in their fight towards helping to build a world in which Black people do not simply survive but thrive in living their unapologetically Black lives.

 Latinx Heritage Month 

Photo of promotional material for Latinx Heritage Month Latinx Heritage Month originally only a week, is now celebrated from September 15 to October 15. September 15 is significant due to numerous Latin American countries that celebrate their independence that day as well as others celebrating their own the days following.  This month not only pays tribute to independence but also to the generations of Latinx peoples who have influenced, enriched, and contributed to our nation and society.

Follow along with the Intercultural Center during this month as we commemorate these achievements and contributions through our programs and events throughout campus.

 LGBTQIA+ History Month 

LGBTQ+ History Month Logo While Pride Month is celebrated in June in honor, reverence, and remembrance of the 1969 Stonewall Riots, LGBTQIA+ History Month is in October, established in 1994. National Coming Out Day and the First March on Washington for Gay rights are commemorated during this time.

The MMC Community continues to not only pay homage to the contributions of the LGBTQIA+ community but in addition continues to celebrate the journey and skillful persistence of our own students through various programs, resources, and events during this month.

 Native American Heritage Month

During November, the MMC recognizes National Native American Heritage Month – honoring the rich ancestry and traditions of the first people to call this land home. Native American Heritage Month also allows for exchange educating about indigenous communities and sharing awareness of the challenges faced and triumphs endured by Native Peoples.

Acknowledging that the land in which Marymount Manhattan College sits on was previously inhabited by the Delaware tribe (also known as the Lenape tribe) – we invite you to join us during this month for unique learning opportunities in commemoration, celebration, and tribute to First Nation cultures and history.

Women’s History Month

The month of March we recognize and celebrate Women’s History Month. Originally only a week, Women’s History Month began through a local celebration in Santa Rosa, California in order to correspond with International Women’s Day on March 8th. 

In 2022, following almost two years of COVID-19 pandemic, women were more impacted than ever before. Last year the world heavily focused on how the pandemic impacted the large and small inequalities from at work and at home. This year we want to celebrate, support, and uplift women in the workforce as we focus on how to continue progressing through new challenges.



Read the College’s Inclusivity Statement here.