Our Programs

The Intercultural Center at MMC is no ordinary student lounge — it’s a mission-driven community space for the next generation of social justice activists and the programming to jumpstart their creative change-making.

Here’s what visitors can expect throughout each semester in the IC:

Graduating First Generation Students at the May 2022 First Generation End of Year Send Off wearin...

Senior Celebrations

As a part of the Intercultural Center’s mission to create space, belonging, and recognition for folx from marginalized identities, the Intercultural Center recognizes graduating seniors who identify as First Gen, as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, and/or as a member of one of our cultural communities.

Our Senior Send Off Events are done once a year in the beginning of May prior to commencement to allow us time to prepare the items needed and capture as many graduates as possible.  To receive a graduation stole and senior gift from the IC, graduating seniors are to sign up to participate in the event so they can be recognized and celebrated.

Sign Up for the May 2023 Senior Recognition Events can be found here:  Senior Send Offs for Fall 22 and Spring 23 Graduates

A group of people with different identities they hold (racial/cultural, gender expression, etc.) ...

Campus Speaker Series

Monthly speaker series with local New York City-based social justice leaders who work across various disciplines. The series will include notable speakers for a large-scale event that will draw members of the MMC and surrounding community.

Anti-Racism Training

Community anti-racism training will be offered in the IC lounge on a semester-by-semester basis. Each semesterly training will require participation from participants for 2 ½ days on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Participation is voluntary except when participation is required as a sanction for a violation of MMC’s Discrimination Policy.

International Education Week

International Education Week is a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. During November of every year, the Intercultural Center will arrange events to expand global awareness and promote education abroad.