Giving Back

October 26, 2018
Hailey Gallegos ’21 Biology Major
  • Hailey Gallegos '21 (Left) 

When people hear the word science, they are often a little apprehensive. However, there is no reason to be scared of it! Kids should be taught to not to be afraid of science, and exposed to it as much as possible. I volunteer at an organization known as Biobus. It is a nonprofit group that brings science to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity. I believe that all children should have access to lab equipment, although I know that it is not always possible. Through Biobus, low income families are able to experience what we may take for granted.


Whenever I volunteer, I see kids who get so excited over looking into a microscope at an organism or slide. Even their parents get excited and have questions. Being a volunteer with them has been so rewarding for me. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am kind of a science nerd (the best kind of nerd). Having the opportunity to share my love of science with younger and older generations is extremely rewarding. I even learn new things every time I am there!


The community that is Biobus is welcoming and encouraging. I have met a lot of cool science people, some of whom are just as nerdy as myself. I always love having people to share science jokes with. Having the ability to take what I have learned throughout my life and at MMC and give back to people always makes me happy. Trust me, you have to love science to be able to explain the same thing over and over again to each child that comes to a station. But if that’s what it takes for a kid to have a fun time, then that is what I’ll do. I see their faces light up when they understand what is going on, or see something really awesome. Just last week I was showing kids planaria (flatworms), and they were so intrigued by the little microorganism on the slide. Some kids even made their parents look into the microscope to see what they were seeing. It also reinforces the concepts that I have learned at MMC, and it feels spectacular to be comfortable with the organisms (I sort of love Planaria).


If kids learn science early on, they will not be so intimidated by it later. They will even tell their friends about science. It is this kind of chain reaction that is so needed, especially in low income areas. Biobus provides that, and I am so happy to have the opportunity to be one of the people spreading the amazing world of science to others!