The Science Society has Your Organs!

November 19, 2018
Julia Furnari ’20 Biology Major
  • Julia Furnari ‘20

My name is Julia Furnari ’20 and I have the pleasure in being the current president of MMC’s Science Society! We are a club under our school’s chapter of the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB). The mission of Science Society is to advocate for science around the school and educate students on the many opportunities a career in science can provide.

One of our ongoing events is our “Give Us Your Organs!” event that occurs every year on Halloween. The “mad scientists” of the science society join to recruit students, staff and faculty at Marymount to become organ donors in New York State. The organ donation form asks if you want to be a donor, which organs would you be willing to donate, and if you’d be willing to donate your body to scientific research. At our table we provided the students with educational handouts on the logistics of organ donation including the entire process, statistics on organ donation, donation concerning religious beliefs, and how you will help others. To make it fun, we also provided gummy organs, halloween pretzels, stickers, pens, magnets, bracelets, pins and t-shirts!

Organ donation is a controversial topic that can seem a bit scary to a younger crowd like college-aged students. I believe that if students are educated on the process, they can make an informed decision on if they want to participate in organ donation, which can make it seem less scary and more empowering. The members of the Science Society were prepared to answer questions that enrollees had as well as support them in whatever decision they made. We explained to students that organ donation does not help just one person, but can help save the lives of multiple people - just from one donation!

Students were engaged in our table and loved our handouts. It was another successful year with 27 new enrollees! Thank you to all of the members of science society who volunteered at our event, and thank you to the new organ donation enrollees. You will be saving several lives one day! Who’s organs will the “mad scientists” of the Science Society be taking next?!