Science Society’s Alumni Panel 2018

December 17, 2018
Jordan Barnett ’21 Biomedical Sciences and Behavioral Neuroscience Double Major
  • Jordan Barnett '21
  • Alumni Panel 

Hello, my name is Jordan Barnett and I am a junior Biomedical Sciences/Behavioral Neuroscience student at Marymount Manhattan College. I am the Vice President of Science Society, Secretary of Psychology Club, and a member of the Student Activities Advisory Board and BLSA. Being a part of Science Society has brought me so many joys, and over the years I have experienced to different positions, Secretary and Vice President!


My job as Vice President primarily includes working closely with Dr. Ann Aguanno and our President Julia Furnari to put together interesting science-based events and volunteering for the community here at MMC. I have had many incredible experiences because of Science Society and events that have helped shape my outlook on the science field in general. A recent event that took place was our Alumni Panel! We had four amazing panelists who explained how the Marymount Manhattan College Natural Sciences and Mathematics Department assisted them in growing their knowledge, confidence, and passion for the sciences! Not only did they speak on their many opportunities received, such as hands-on research training in the department, but they also explained how having great mentors helped them succeed in college. Kirtan Kaur gave a wonderful example of Dr. Leri teaching her how to spread her general education courses out throughout the semesters in order to not get overwhelmed. Advice like this has helped me feel more confident in my studies as well.


Ultimately, I believe the students that were able to attend learned so much from our panelists and found their stories really inspiring! I know I did! Thank you to Devin Columbus (Research Coordinator at UCSF), Alice Trye (medical student at Rutgers Medical School), Keaven Caro (MD/PhD student at University of Connecticut), and Kirtan Kaur (PhD student at NYU Langone School of Medicine)!