A Major Switch: Finding My Passion

March 15, 2019
Stephanie Constant, ’19 Behavioral Neuroscience Major
  • Stephanie Constant, '19

Throughout my junior year I had changed my major from B.A. in Biology to B.S. in Behavioral
Neuroscience because of Dr. Sampoli’s Drugs and the Brain class. Her class inspired me to
change majors because it made me realize what passion I had for neuroscience. The spring of
that same year I took Dr. Hunter’s Behavioral Neuroscience class where we read The Lab Rat
Chronicles which gave insight on how important and similar the use of rats and mice are to
human characteristics. I fell in love with the book, so much that I wanted to work in any lab that
worked with mice. That same summer I was offered to volunteer at a urology lab in Columbia
University’s Comprehensive Cancer Research Center where I was offered an internship. As I
became more familiar with the lab I was allowed to assist in working with the mice. I now help
with mice dissections, ultrasound guided injections, and even observe mice behavior. I am
forever thankful I took Behavioral Neuroscience for guiding me in some of the mice work I do
today in my internship.