Reflection on the 2018-2019 Academic Year

May 16, 2019
Brandon Tran, ’19 Biology Major
  • Brandon Tran, '19

This academic year has been characterized by learning outside of the classroom, for myself personally. I learned a lot this year this regards to my potential professional and academic future and have felt a substantial growth from where I began at the beginning of this academic year. I was able to achieve this growth through various endeavors as I actively and passively sought out new experiences and opportunities. I also took time to reflect and to take a step back, which is something that many forget to do in the hustle and bustle of the city.

In regards to academic growth, I feel like I have improved on my learning abilities as I have begun to take a different approach in my learning methods. I also had the pleasure of working with the new laboratory supervisor, Elizabeth Thompson, and through that I was able to expand and improve upon various laboratory skills; such as individualized laboratory preparation.

Not only was I able to grow as a laboratory assistant, I was able to improve on my research capabilities, in which, though this academic research year was not as rigorous this year, for myself, research was still strenuous in the tasks involved.

This academic year, like others was hectic, but fulfilling. The future is promising and I would hope nothing but the same, if not more, for the upcoming summer and academic year. Opportunities are present wherever you may look, and are even present when you are not looking; and these opportunities are not limited to any particular space. So, with that said, it is important to know that opportunities and experiences surround us everyday and– I don’t feel like the importance of stepping back and appreciating those experiences are conveyed as highly as experiencing itself.