Accepted Science Students: A Night to Remember

April 16, 2018
Victoria Whalen ’21 Biomedical Sciences and Environmental Studies Double Major
  • Accepted Students Night 2018

On March 22, 2018, I was lucky enough to have volunteered for the Accepted Students Night for science majors and let me just say: If you weren’t there you really missed out! As a small and close knit section of Marymount Manhattan, it was exciting to see the (hopefully) incoming students join our family!

The night contained a nervous but exhilarating energy as incoming freshman toured the halls and entered the biology and chemistry labs. The upperclassmen students were guiding and answering questions with the one purpose in mind: commit to Marymount! Experiments from past labs were set up to give the new students a taste of what the science department offers.

With all my protective gear on (goggles and gloves included), I awaited to explain chemistry. I have to say the nervous energy went away quickly once they walked through the door and I could show them how awesome science is. My experiment was explaining biofuels and their importance as well as which biodiesel is better for the future. It was a complete hands on experiment and I let the students take the wheel. Each student seemed to enjoy being able to actually touch the equipment and that added to their excitement. Stationed across from fellow student Kyle, we tag teamed explaining how great the school is and what it has to offer with things such as: small class sizes for one on one learning and teachers who truly care about your future.

Reflecting back, my favorite part of the night had to be the food! Just kidding, (even though it was delicious). In all seriousness, just seeing how these students travelled so far to come see us, even with a snowstorm the day before, was so enlightening. It made me remember why I chose this school and the sciences in the first place. The passion on the sixth floor was enough to make anyone commit to this school and all I can say is: the natural science department is the best there is.