Bringing Music to Palestine: An Evening with Ramzi Aburedwan & the Dal’Ouna Ensemble

  • The Dal'Ouna Ensemble
    The Dal'Ouna Ensemble
  • Guest Vocalist Lina Sleibi
    Guest Vocalist Lina Sleibi
DATE & TIME: 6:30pm - 8:30pm EST February 28
As part of the Conversations on Diversity & Social Justice Series, join us for an evening of conversation and music with Ramzi Aburedwan, founder of Al Kamandjâti, a non-profit with the mission of making music accessible to the entire Palestinian community and to strengthening awareness and appreciation of Palestinian culture and identity.


Join us as we welcome Ramzi Aburedwan to learn about Al Kamandjâti’s work, which centers around three main areas: music education, concerts & festivals, and making & restoring musical instruments.  The organization focuses on Palestine’s most vulnerable–children in refugee camps and remote locations. They aim to offer children the chance to discover their cultural heritage and to give them access to global opportunities to grow their creative potential.

Ramzi Aburedwan and Al Kamandjâti were recipients of the Gandhi Foundation’s 2017 International Peace Award.

Following a discussion of the mission and work of Al Kamandjâti, we will enjoy a concert by the Dal’Ouna Ensemble with special guest vocalist Lina Sleibi!

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