Senior Capstone Presentations - Social Sciences

  • Social Sciences Capstone Presentations 2018
DATE & TIME: 2:30pm EDT April 23, 2018
LOCATION: Commons West
Dr. Lauren Brown’s Senior Seminar “Vice and Virtue” welcomes the MMC community to the presentation of research projects on Monday, April 23rd in the Commons West from 2:30-5:30pm. 

Upper-level students across the Social Sciences (Political Science, Politics and Human Rights, and International Studies) enrolled in this semester’s Senior Seminar Capstone will present their research on Monday, April 23rd, as part of their final grade in a series of interdisciplinary panels. We will provide a full agenda as soon as possible. 


Jessica Barr

Katelyn Bent-Koerick

Tracy Bowe

Ciara Bowser

Claire Buonocore

Sarah Garabedian

Alexis Garcia

Paulette Jerome

Jillian Linkowski

Amne Madi

Elizaveta Malkina

Maliha Mannan

Minghan Qin

Stella Raffle-Wax

Bruno Raul De Melo Cabral

Course description

Vices?  Coffee.  Shopping.  Smoking.  Sex.  Gambling.  Drinking.  Drugs.  Crime.  Virtues?  Cleanliness.  Knowledge.  Mercy.  Chastity.  Temperance.  Godliness.  In this year’s senior research seminar we will focus on the theme “Vice and Virtue.”  Humans have both set, and rebelled against, social mores and values throughout history.  From the Protestant work ethic of colonial America to the charitable impulses (or repressive policies) of the Progressive era—every nation or communal group uses the morality/immortality dichotomy to define itself in some fashion.  Your task for the semester will be to conduct an original research project related to the theme at hand.  Possible research topics include, but are not limited to, political scandal, prohibition, the death penalty, the mob, Atlantic City, Times Square, Comstock Laws, the YMCA, missionary culture, sex education, women’s colleges, or self-help literature. As this is a methodology course, your research need not be limited to American history. While this theme will guide our exploration, we are most concerned with the process of conducting, analyzing, and writing.  This course will hone your research and analytical skills, and significantly improve your writing and editing skills.