10 Out of 12

  • 10 Out of 12
    Matthew Land
DATE & TIME: 8:00pm EDT October 11, 2018
by Anne Washburn
Directed by Johanna Pinzler

10 Out of 12 is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

Striving towards new levels of metatheatre, Anne Washburn takes us inside a technical rehearsal for her remarkable play 10 Out of 12.  This play raises questions about what is inherently artistic. How do we, as theatre artists, make art individually or as a group?  What constitutes entertainment? Who judges what makes “good” theatre? And can the complex workings of an artistic process be beautiful? In a review of the 2015 Soho Rep production, Diep Tran wrote, “It’s a love letter to theatremaking in all of its insane and frustrating minutiae—a process that, when it’s working, somehow comes together to look like an effortless mimicry of life.” 10 Out Of 12 explores the often stressful, always challenging, personality filled, occasionally joyous moments in the rehearsal process when the elements of backstage and onstage start to meld. It is a moment rarely witnessed by those outside the working theatre community and offers us the opportunity to explore its occasionally tedious and often surprising intricacies.