How to Make a Zine with Elvis B.

  • How to Make a Zine
DATE & TIME: 7:30pm EDT October 17, 2018
LOCATION: Commons West
Join Professor Alec Magnet’s Advanced Writing Seminar for a hands-on event with Zine expert Elvis B. on Wednesday October 17, 2018 at 7:30pm in the Commons West.


Zine expert and researcher Elvis B. will lead a discussion on the background, brief history, and creation of zines with a hands-on workshop after! We suggest that attendees, if able, bring their own scissors and glue!

About the Subject:

“Many zine-makers will say zines are as much about the community as the product, and that identifying as a zine is what separates these publications from comics, literary journals, websites, and other types of independent publications.” - Mental Floss (read the full article)

About Professor Magnet’s Seminar:

What Does Fandom Do?—students examine a variety of critical and creative works that explore the related themes of fandom and social identity. What sort of relationships do we have with the books, shows, and performers that we love? And if we create our own texts or artwork in response, what can we accomplish? Considering how fandom intersects with race, gender, sexuality, and class, this course will explore how people use their love for cultural objects to negotiate both their internal, emotional worlds and the political realities around them.