First United Lenape Nations Pow Wow and Standing Ground Symposium

  • Native American Heritage Month Flyer
DATE & TIME: 1:00pm - 9:00pm EST November 18, 2018
LOCATION: Park Avenue Armory
Join us for a day of Native art, food, dance competitions, and special performances in addition to a symposium that explores Indigenous culture with Inuit (Inuk) experimental vocalist and artist Tanya Tagaq and fellow artists, writers, scholars, performers, and community leaders.

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Registration on the MMC Calendar is required to attend as this is a ticketed event sponsored by the Office of Student Development and Activities. 


This November, join us for the first large-scale Lenape Pow Wow on Manhattan Island, transpiring on land that once belonged to the Lenape and marking the first congregation of dispersed Lenape elders in the area since their forced migrations in the early 1700s. Presented in partnership with members of the Lenape community, this event provides an opportunity for members of the Lenape to gather, while also inviting the New York City community to learn about the Lenape’s historical and cultural ties to New York in a fun and interactive day of presentations.

The Pow Wow features a dance competition for hundreds of dancers of all ages, competing in traditional Native American dress and regalia, with musical accompaniment by drumming and singing groups Red BlanketYoung Blood, and Silver Cloud. In addition, there will be featured performances by Aztec Dancers T’KarimaTicitl, Inuit Throat Singer Tanya Tagaq, and Taino Dancers from the Kasibahagua Tiano Cultural Society showcasing the varied traditions of their respective cultures, as well as opportunities to purchase authentic Native jewelry, crafts, clothing, and food from numerous vendors and artisans.

The Standing Ground Symposium will provide an opportunity to meet Lenape elders as well as hear the perspectives of academics and community leaders regarding key issues facing the Native American community, including internationally renowned activists for indigenous people Winona LaDuke and Roberto Mukaro Borrero, and author Steve Newcomb. The Symposium also includes performances and activities for the whole family including Native flute players and theater groups exploring mythic traditions and stories that the community has passed down through generations, screenings of films that explore the complexities of Native life and made by Native filmmakers, and a display of bespoke creations by Native fashion designers.

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