2019 Leadership Summit: Intersectionality in Leadership

  • Leadership Summit 2019
DATE & TIME: 11:00am - 3:00pm EST March 3
Intersectionality in Leadership: Authenticity, Code-switching, and Managing Complexities

Leadership Summit 2019


All MMC students and student leaders are encouraged to attend this year’s Leadership Summit on Sunday, March 3rd. We’ll be welcoming a host of professionals, activists, creators, and speakers to share their insight with our students based on the following tenets that we’ve identified for this conversation.


Authenticity as a prized quality of leaders

  • Leaders are encouraged to be sincere and to operate with integrity; how does this play out when spaces are not inclusive of our full perspective?
  • What are the impacts of proffering ‘authenticity’ without also acknowledging access and privilege or the lack thereof?
  • How do we encourage an intersectional approach to bringing authenticity into leadership roles?


  • The skill or a necessary evil for those who wish to be successful in systems not designed with them in mind
  • The ubiquity of code-switching within identity communities (one interacts with friends in different ways than one would with parents and grandparents

Managing Complexities

  • What are the factors to be considered as a leader with multiple intersecting identities?
  • How do you maintain inclusive spaces to allow marginalized people/voices a seat at the table?
  • Unpacking conflict when multiple identities are at play
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