EWL Honors in the Major Thesis Presentations

DATE & TIME: 5:30pm EDT May 7
Graduating English and World Literatures seniors Peggy Fiocco, Emily Karandy, and Lauren L’Heureux will present their final research as part of our annual Honors in the Major course.
The Presentations:
Peggy Fiocco

Pacify My Mind: Slave Women’s Escapism of Trauma through the Musicality of Spiritualism and Storytelling

Emily Karandy

Sex Drives: Discussing Sexual Violence and the Thwarting of the Male Orgasm in Muriel Spark’s The Driver’s Seat and Judith Rosner’s Looking for Mr. Goodbar

Lauren L’Heureux

A reworking of her original paper on “The Colonist Prescriptions of Identity: Regaining Autonomy through the use of the Magical and Fantastical in the work of Salman Rushdie”

About the Program:

During their penultimate semester, EWL majors who have maintained a GPA in the major of 3.5 or higher are invited to apply for an Honors Independent Study to be taken in their final semester. Students who earn an A or A- in the EWL Honors Independent Study will graduate with honors in the major.