Latinas On the Verge of Excellence L.O.V.E On Campus Recruiting

DATE & TIME: 12:00pm - 2:00pm EDT October 15, 2019
LOCATION: The Commons
Stop by and speak with L.O.V.E for volunteer opportunities.

 The Latinas On the Verge of Excellence - L.O.V.E. Mentoring Program supports and empowers young Latinas to strive for success, both in school and in life, through health interventions targeted at mental, reproductive and physical health as well as career readiness and mentorship. L.O.V.E empowers young Latinas to make positive life choices that enable them to maximize their full potential. The mentoring program recruits female university students to support, guide, and be a role model to a young Latina for a period of a school year. By becoming part of the young Latina’s life, the mentor serves as a guide to help her achieve her academic and personal goals.