JK Watson Fellowship Information Session

DATE & TIME: 5:30pm EDT October 22, 2019
LOCATION: Commons West
Join representatives from the JK Watson Foundation on Tuesday, October 22 at 5:30 pm in the Commons West for an information session on their prestigious scholarship opportunity.

The Jeannette K. Watson Fellowship offers three consecutive summers of paid internships (one of which is abroad), as well as mentoring and enriched educational opportunities to promising New York City undergraduates with the goal of increasing their life choices and developing their capacity to make a difference in their own and others’ lives.  The centerpiece of the Fellowship is hands-on learning that will:
  • Provide opportunities for leadership and personal growth.
  • Help test in practice what you may be learning in the classroom.
  • Provide experience and insight on choices for a future vocation.
  • Assist you in thinking about graduate program opportunities.
  • Help you present a more compelling application for national fellowships, graduate admissions and jobs.

The fellowship is awarded on the basis of the nominee’s potential for leadership and growth as critical, independent thinkers and doers.  Final applications include:

  • An official transcript of undergraduate record;
  • Two letters of recommendation, and;
  • Two written essays (detailed in the application materials)

Eligibility criteria:  The applicant must be an undergraduate (first or second year) matriculated student from one of the twelve invited liberal arts institutions in the New York City area.

Letter of Intent to Apply form

For further information, please visit the official Watson Foundation website