Shinnecock Land and Environmental Justice

DATE & TIME: 2:30pm EDT October 5

Join us for a talk: Shinnecock Land and Environmental Justice and a screening of Conscience Point followed by Q&A with Shinnecock activist, Becky Hill-Geina.

Long time Shinnecock activist Becky Hill-Geina cut her activist teeth during the American Indian Movement. During this time she was steeped in empowering philosophies and political ideas that she applies today to the present day situation - standing up to Southampton town government, to preserve Shinnecock sacred land and push forward legislation to protect ancestral grave sites. Her talk “Shinnecock Land and Environmental Justice” will follow a screening of Conscience Point, a documentary about Geina’s advocacy exposing the imbalance of power in the Hamptons that favors land use decisions for the wealthiest residents at the expense of the environment and desecrating ancient burial sites. The Shinnecock, who have suffered from the repeated colonization of their land and way of life since 1640 continue to see their ancient burial grounds plowed up unceremoniously and the desecration of a place that is still sacred to them. For Geina, land use is a moral issue. She contrasts the values of those for whom beautiful places are a commodity - who regard land as raw material to be developed for profit and pleasure - and those local Shinnecocks for whom land means community, belonging, heritage and home.