Fair Elections

DATE & TIME: 6:00pm EST November 9
Join PHR for a talk with Jabari Brisport, Democratic nominee for New York’s 25th State Senate

One reason our society is so deeply unequal is because corporations and the uber-rich have worked relentlessly to shape the political terrain to their benefit. They have been so successful, in large part, because our electoral system allows them to invest huge sums of money electing sympathetic politicians (on both sides of the aisle). This makes it more difficult for working-class candidates to compete in elections and ensures that ruling-class interests dominate local and federal politics.

As a working-class candidate, I know how hard it is to run against the political establishment. But I’m running — and refusing corporate donations — because I believe that all New Yorkers deserve to have their votes counted and perspectives represented in Albany. New Yorkers deserve a truly democratic election system. We must ensure that working-class people, not the 1%, dictate our politics.

A democratic election system must be one in which every New Yorker is able to fully exercise their right to vote. We must confront the ugly legacy of voter suppression in our country, and combat all contemporary attempts to curtail the right to vote — whether through politically-motivated gerrymandering or the disenfranchisement of incarcerated New Yorkers.

Speaker Bio: Jabari Brisport is an American politician, activist, actor, and teacher from New York City. He is the Democratic nominee for New York’s 25th State Senate district general election to be held on November 3, 2020.