Play it FOURward

DATE & TIME: 8:00pm EST December 5, 2020

Play It FOURward: a social justice musical journey

Conceived and directed by MaryAnne Piccolo Play It FOURward is a virtual musical theatre experience written and devised with a cast of twenty Marymount Manhattan College Theatre Arts students. Featuring music by Matt Katz-Bohen and Greko Play it FOURward explores and celebrates the theme of using art for advocacy and social justice.

In times of turmoil and catastrophe, young people have always found a way to use art and music to create change in our world, 2020 is no different. In Play it FOURward, the audience is brought on FOUR musical journeys hoping to inspire change and FOURward thinking; FOUR Help: advocating for mental health awareness and ending the stigma , FOUR Change: advocating for allyship and activism, FOURplay: advocating for an authentic and empowered LGBTQAI+ narrative, PerfectFOURm: advocating for self love and body positivity. Joey Kipp joins the company as choreographer for PerfectFOURm. Video production, editing and live stream is provided by RBVG Productions Inc.