MMC’s Stand Up Speak Out Festival

DATE & TIME: December 7, 2020
Please join us online December 7—11 for the College’s arts and social justice festival, Stand Up Speak Out, to raise awareness and support for the Bedford Hills College Program and Bedford Hills College Club.


Watch the Trailer

Collaborating courses for the Stand Up Speak Out Social Justice Arts Festival include: PHR 306 Culture + Ideology, COMM 131 (03) Intro to Cinema, DANC 303 Anatomy I, PSYCH 241 Perception, THTR 328 The Arts and Social Change, Art 111 Drawing I, DANCE 294 Projects, THTR 296 Introduction to Playwriting, COMM 218 Public Relations and Strategic Communication, and the BHCP’s philosophy course Great Social Thinkers.

Link to the festival + to RSVP: