Racial Equity Learning Series - Cohort A: Racial Equity in Practice

DATE & TIME: 11:00am - 12:30pm EDT May 3

The Racial Equity Learning Series is a 4 part learning and development opportunity geared to providing foundational understanding of race, racism and racial equity to MMC Faculty and Staff. Each workshop will be offered twice on a Monday and Thursday. It is recommended that participants attend all 4 series at on the same days in order to build a cohort of learners. 

March 22
Manifestations of Racism - Exploring The 4 I’s

April 5
Understanding Our Racialized Selves

April 19
Examining How Our Biases Lead To Microagressions

May 3
Racial Equity in Practice

Learning about the existence of racism and racial disparities across industries is ineffective if it is not put into practice. This workshop will examine ways to embed strategies and tools to work in service of racial equity in your workplace and communities.

Please Note: You must RSVP for each workshop individually. The same zoom link will be used for all 4 workshops.