2024 January Term Housing Request Form

Please fill out this form if you intend to live in Marymount Manhattan College Housing during January Term 2043 (January 1 - 5)! To receive the Early Bird rate, this form must be submitted by Friday, December 1, 2023 at 5:00pm EST.

To be approved for January Term Housing a completed application includes:

  • You must be registered for full-time status for the Spring semester.
  • A copy of your Spring semester schedule must be uploaded with this application.
  • If you are on Residence Life Probation, you need to submit a Special Petition Form and meet with the Director or the Assistant Director of Residence Life prior to submitting this form.
  • You do not need to pre-pay the January Housing fee; it will be posted to your account once you’re approved.


Early-Bird rate (on or before December 1 at 5:00pm EST): $300

Regular rate (after 5:00pm EST on December 1): $400

Residents wishing to return at any point after January 1 through January 24, will need to submit a 2024 January Term Housing Request Form and pay for January Term housing. The fee cannot be pro-rated.

What’s Next?

By December 8, the Office of Residence Life will send you an e-mail approving or denying your request; the housing fee will then be added to your account. (For requests sent in January 2024, Residence Life will contact you within one business day to approve your request.)

Important Information:

  • Should you withdraw from the January term on or before December 22, there is a 50% penalty fee. If you withdraw from the January term on or after December 23, there is no refund of the January housing fee.
  • You can use your remaining Dining Dollars from Fall semester or add Dining Dollars. Spring Dining Dollars are not activated until the Spring semester begins.
  • The Residence Halls are closed from 12:00pm on December 22 to 12:00pm on January 1. There is no access to your room or mailbox during this time.
  • Scan access to both residence halls will be removed for students who do not filled out the January Term Housing Request Form.
  • The Overnight Guest Policy is different during J-Term than during the normal academic year. J-Term residents are allowed an overnight guest up to three nights for the entire term.
    • Overnight Guest Request Forms do not need to be signed by roommates who are not staying the residence hall over J-Term.

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