Sister Judith Savard Study Abroad Fellowship

In honor and recognition of Judith Savard, RSHM, Marymount Manhattan awards the Sr. Judith Savard Fellowship to an Art or Art History major to study art abroad. Sr. Judith led classes in art history, studio art, and graphic design, in addition to serving as chair of the Art Department for many years. The fellowship provides financial assistance for a qualified Art or Art History major to study abroad for the purpose of enriching his or her academic experience.


October 1, for January and Spring semesters

March 1, for Summer and Fall semesters

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Upload your Statement of Purpose here. Your Statement of Purpose should be two pages, typed and double spaced. Your statement should be in paragraph format (not as number responses to the questions below). In your statement, please address the following questions. Be specific in describing your individual reasons for studying abroad keeping in mind that this is a fellowship for academic study abroad. 1. Why do you wish to study abroad and what factors led you to this decision? What do you hope to gain from and what do you anticipate will be the impact of your experience abroad? 2. Describe the study abroad program you have chosen. What factors led you to select this program? 3. Why have you chosen your country of study? What factors led you to select this country? 4. How will this study abroad program and the coursework you take abroad impact your academic, career, and future professional goals? 5. Are there any distinctive components to this program, beyond coursework, that will impact your overall learning experience abroad? (i.e. home-stays, field research, volunteer activities, extra-curricular activities, etc.)
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