Senior Thesis Art Exhibition

This group exhibition features the work of the art majors who take their capstone class in the fall. It includes examples of work from graphic designers, photographers, and studio artists.

The exhibition runs from December 8, 2014-January 29, 2015.

Participating Artists: Emily Arenberg, Raquel Beauchamp,Ben Chatag, Cindy Chatoree, Shirley Chera, Christa Cora, Samantha Fecher, Victoria Giardina, Shiori Ito, Cynthia Katz, Hannah Klitsberg, Ogulcan Kus, Victoria Lowry, Chrystal Milane, Jailenn Morel, Michael Rojas, Brandon Russo, Dominic Siri, Autumn Sugrue, Ryan Wanish, Brandi Williams, Ann Willis.