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Disegno-in-Motion is a group exhibition that features contemporary artists who explore animation as an extension of a traditional plastic arts process, as well as animators who walk the experimental edge where the ‘illusion of life’ succumbs to the allure of the infinite possibilities of the next frame.

Disegno, a term for visual thinking derived from the Italian Renaissance, suggests that all the plastic arts grow fundamentally out of the language of drawing. Drawing most intimately lays bare the artist’s thought process, which may be shaped through the material languages of yarn, paint, clay, and Photoshop. All artworks are time capsules that preserve the artist’s mind and their visual experiments which ultimately yield the work.

The time-based works on display are accompanied by objects used in the making of the animations. These include monumental puppets from a stop-motion performance with a human actor, canvases used in a hand-painted animation, a weaving documented in a time-lapse video, crayon drawings that were mapped into C.G. game environments, storyboards, sketches, and stills.

In addition to the main Hewitt gallery exhibition, several multi-channel works will be on display in the Digital Immersion Room in MMC’s new Judith Mara Carson Center for Visual Arts.

Artists in the exhibition include: Aryel René Jackson, Erma Fiend, Ezra Wube, Jeremy Couillard, Joseph Silver, Lorin Roser, Mari Jaye Blanchard, Matt Bollinger, Matt Richtards, Mike Estabrook, Scott Kiernan, Tadashi Moriyama, and Vandana Jain. Curated by Brian Zegeer with Hallie Cohen

Exhibition runs October 16 - December 5, 2023