Nominations - 2018 SDA Leadership Awards

March 16, 2017
It is once again time to recognize your fellow student club leaders, programs, organizations, and Advisors for all of the wonderful work they have done this year.

Each year the Office of Student Development & Activities hosts the Student Leadership Awards Breakfast where we honor the best and the brightest of the current year’s involvement community.


There are a number of awards given out each year and many ways to be recognized or to recognize others.


Here is a list of the awards for which you may submit a nomination.

  1. Advisor of the Year- The advisor who has gone above and beyond to guide and support a student club/organization.
  2. IDEAL Award- Given to an individual, organization, or program that has made a significant impact on the institution by celebrating and encouraging the highest ideals of diversity and inclusion.
  3. Judson R. Shaver Spirit Award- Student leader who displays enthusiasm and pride to be an MMC Griffin.
  4. Outstanding Organization- The student club/org that has displayed the highest levels of drive and determination towards promoting their mission and building community at MMC.
  5. Outstanding New Member- New org. member who shows great potential.
  6. Outstanding New Org.- New organization (created within the last 4 semesters) that shows great potential.
  7. Outstanding Peer Leader- PL who has proven themselves to be a true role model for incoming students.
  8. Outstanding Student Leader- Shows exemplary leadership skills with organizations and throughout campus.
  9. Program of the Year- A student club/org program that has built community in any one of the areas of performance, academia, community service, campus media, culture, or community building.
  10. Unsung Hero Award- A member of a student org who has proven their commitment to the organization time and again, but has not been honored for their dedication.

All awards are given for performance/activity within the 2017-2018 academic year.


To submit a nomination, simply follow this link LAB Nominations

You may submit as many nominations as you like.


The awards will be held on Friday, May 11th and attendees will be notified with their invitation.

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