Evolution Students “Serve to Conserve”

May 13, 2015
Evolution students raise awareness and funds for conservation issues.

Students in Prof. Ann Aguanno’s Evolution classes (BIOL 127.01 and HP.01) held an event encouraging the MMC community to SERVE TO CONSERVE on Earth Day 2015.

They raised $110 to adopt two endangered animals, an African Elephant and a Tiger, through the World Wildlife Fund. 

The students also surveyed the MMC community on their attitudes and efforts towards conservation. Student Alisia Firstenberg produced a video featuring interviews with MMC students and faculty. Another student, Nicole Marlin, produced a detailed report on the conservation survey results, which will be shared with the MMC community in the coming weeks.

This is the only planet Earth we will ever have.

Be kind to her and the other forms of life we share her with.