MMC Biology and Neuroscience Student Presents at Annual Multiple Sclerosis Symposium

October 02, 2015
  • Professor Deirtra Hunter-Romagnoli and Patricia Miraflor (centered) along with two other students who attended the symposium.
  • Patricia Miraflor ’17
  • Patricia Miraflor ’17
  • Patricia Miraflor ’17
Patricia Miraflor ’17, a biology major and neuroscience minor, won a competitive internship at the NYC Multiple Sclerosis Society through the efforts of Deirtra Hunter-Romagnoli who identifies research opportunities throughout the city for MMC students.

This past summer, Patricia Miraflor worked at Cornell Medical School in the Multiple Sclerosis Research Center (Neurology) with Dr. Tim Vartanian on an ongoing study that utilizes PCR genotyping to detect for toxin genes in food samples. Positive identification of the prevalence of epsilon toxin in commercial food will aid in identifying a possible environmental variable linked to multiple sclerosis.

On September 27, Patricia was invited to present her research and findings at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Research Symposium, as part of a student only dialogue with Ellen Mowry, M.D., Associate Professor of Neurology and Epidemiology at The Johns Hopkins Hospital. During this mentoring and discussion session, Patricia, a summer research scholar, presented a summary of her summer research project from Cornell Medical School.

Patricia has decided to continue her research at Cornell Medical School through fall 2015, working on an extension of what she started during her summer research.