Kevin Gotkin presents “Disability Artistry, Disability Justice”

April 20, 2017
On April 20th, Kevin Gotkin visited MMC as part of the Conversations on Diversity & Social Justice series.  His presentation, “Disability Artistry, Disability Justice,” focused on the intersections of the Art of Disability, Disability Artistry, and Artful Justice.

Faculty, students, and staff gathered in the Regina Peruggi Room for this thoughtful and engaging presentation.  Kevin began by explaining the difference between viewing disability as a “social” versus “medical” construct and the implications of these perspectives.  From there, he invited the audience to think about how disability and artistry intersect.  He shared examples, including how American Sign Language can be adapted to capture the vibrancy and energy of music and how audio tracking can creatively translate visual images into words.

Kevin challenged the audience to think about the work of justice as itself an artistic enterprise.  For him, artists are a source of inspiration and positive change.  He underscored this point by concluding with Lady Gaga’s recently released “The Cure,” inviting the audience to think about its meaning in the context of disability and social justice.

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