It’s Showtime for “Showtime”

April 24, 2017

Creative Media alum Ogulcan “Oci” Kus’s film Showtime is going to be showing as a part of the “Life is Short Film Festival” in Hollywood. 

Showtime is a fictional short film (runtime 15 minutes) based on a Turkish performer’s journey of losing his inspiration and finding it again in an unexpected place. It showcases the character’s struggles in the city and the journey he takes as he manages to get back in touch with his inner self. 

“Sometimes we tend to get so focused on our momentary goals that we forget the importance of the journey along the way. SHOWTIME focuses on the importance of every moment that goes by when we are too busy planning the future ahead,” said Kus. “I want to make films and art that interest the largest amount of people, including the people whose work I admire. I don’t necessarily want my work to be admired by the majority, but I want it to inspire them and make them question everyday elements of life and shift their perspectives to see what alternatives reality has to offer,” he continued. “I also want to bring people together through curiosity and creativity in my chosen media, showing people that we as human beings have a lot more in common than we assume.” 

The Life is Short Film Festival runs from May 4-7 at the Mary Pickford Theater in Los Angeles, California.