Creative Writing Director Published in Academy of American Poets, Newest “Tin House”

May 26, 2017
  • Tin House magazine
    Tin House magazine

Dr. Jerry Williams of Creative Writing has been featured by the Academy of American Poets for his poem, Russian Ending. Dr. Williams can be heard reading his work here

About This Poem

“It has taken me three years to come to peace with the inciting incident that inspired ‘Russian Ending.’ Some poems are practically too painful to write—which can sometimes turn out to be a recipe for artistic realization.” - Jerry Williams

In late April, our esteemed Creative Writing director was published in the latest issue of one of the United States’ most prestigious literary magazines, Tin House.

About the Issue:

America has always been the land of invention and reinvention. We hold on to the belief that people forged in the fires of misadventure or tragedy or just plain stupidity can save themselves if they are willing to accept responsibility for their misdeeds and make amends. But can we ever truly hit reset, go back to a pure state? The search for lost innocence has fueled many a quest, both personal and artistic. In this issue we explore some of the ways in which we try to restore the mind and heart…The poets will break your heart with their struggles, from pills and booze to blood and the religious ecstatic…Hardly innocent or pure, the subjects are transported back to a state of intense clear feeling, theirs and also not quite their own, and just for a moment. Yet, sometimes that is enough. We hope that while reading this issue you have more than a few moments of true feeling. Or maybe one pure, bright moment of clarity that makes you forget all of the darkness.

Congratulations to Dr. Williams for this fantastic feature!

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