Community Memo 4.7.17

September 13, 2017

MMC Community:

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC) is pleased to circulate the final 2017-2021 Strategic Plan—Contemporary and Compelling: Envisioning MMC’s Future. We believe this plan reflects the key insights and priorities that have emerged from our research and community conversations over the last eight months. It reflects our response to feedback on the drafts circulated in February and March, and represents the culmination of our committee’s work.

In accordance with MMC’s commitment to shared governance, the Faculty Council will vote on a resolution to approve this document at its next meeting on Monday, April 17th. If approved, the President, in consultation with the Cabinet, will review this final draft. If approved by the Cabinet, the President forwards the plan to the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees. The Executive Committee then presents the final plan to Board at its Annual Meeting on Tuesday, May 9th and the Board votes on a resolution to approve this document. If approved, the plan will go into effect on July 1st. This timeline, along with a description of our entire process, can be found at:

Thank you again for your engagement throughout this eight-month process. We are enthusiastic about the vision and priorities of this Plan, and confident that it supports the academic enterprise that is the heart of MMC.

Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC)

Katie LeBesco, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of the Faculty (Co-Chair)

Jill Stevenson, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts and President of the Faculty Council (Co-Chair)

Ann Aguanno, Professor of Biology

Jennifer Brown, Associate Professor of English and World Literatures and Chair of the English and World Literatures Department

Maria DeInnocentiis, Assistant Vice President of Financial & Registration Services, and Executive Director of Center for Student Services

Alexis Garcia, MMC class of 2018

Christine Gregory, Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, Diversity, and Title IX

Taylor Harris-Butler, MMC class of 2018

Andreas Hernandez, Assistant Professor and Chair, Department of International Studies

Ann Jablon, Professor and Chair, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Carol Jackson, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Angela Lanaris, MMC class of 2018

Nancy Lushington, Assistant Professor of Dance

Jim Rogers, Dean of Admission

Michael G. Salmon, Dean of Academic Advisement & Student Retention

Richard Sheldon, Assistant Vice President for Academic Administration

Erica Stein, Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Arts

Diana Zambrotta, Director of Auxiliary and Real Estate Services

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