Andrea Jung Delivers 2017 Lefkowitz Lecture, “Investing in Women to Lift Our Communities”

On Wednesday, September 13, Andrea Jung, President and CEO of Grameen America, delivered the 2017 Lefkowitz Lecture in the Theresa Lang Theatre

Ms. Jung’s lecture, “Investing in Women to Lift Our Communities,” reinforced her commitment to support women through her own work as well as in her position as an influential woman in business. She shared stories of her journey in the business world and how now as CEO of Grameen America, she focuses on helping women in poverty and improving communities by encouraging them to gain knowledge in finance and business. 

Ms. Jung spoke passionately on topics including women working while having a family, struggles young women face getting started in their careers, and diversity in business. 

She urged students to follow their compass rather than their “clock,” which is a motto her mentor shared with her in the past. During the question and answer portion, Ms. Jung was asked by a student about what young people can do to help empower women, specifically in business. Her response was that we would need to concentrate on keeping the playing board level and to focus both on women and diversity in business. She also expressed how she is confident that this generation will be the one to “flip the switch” and be “tomorrow’s future.”

Andrea Jung is the President and CEO of Grameen America. Jung joined Grameen America with the goal of scaling the organization to solve economic issues for women and their families across the country. To date, the organization has invested over half a billion dollars in low-income women entrepreneurs across the country. She is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Avon Products, Inc., where she served as CEO from 1999 through April 2012, and as Chairman from 2001 through December 2012. Throughout her professional career, Jung ranked consistently among the top leaders on lists including Fortune magazine’s “Most Powerful Women in Business,” Forbes magazine’s “Most Powerful Women in the World,” and Financial Times’ “Top Women in World Business.”

Ms. Jung is a graduate of Princeton University. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the General Electric Company, Apple, Inc., and Daimler AG. She also serves on the Committee for Economic Development, an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan American think tank.


The Lefkowitz Lecture Series was established with the funding raised at MMC’s first benefit dinner, held to honor Attorney General Louis Lefkowitz, who served as the AG of New York State for 22 years. The lecture series features speakers from the public service sector.


Published: September 26, 2017