MMC Staff Member Michael Emmons Published in Irish Examiner USA

October 06, 2017

Michael Emmons, Security Supervisor and current student at MMC, has been published for his educational journey in the Irish Examiner USA.

For his Business 200 course, he wrote a term paper titled, “How I Picked Up Where I Left Off - It’s Never Too Late,” which was published in the Irish Examiner USA newspaper. In the article, Emmons describes his journey from high school to present day and his constant desire for completing his college education. 

Despite wanting to be back in the classroom, over the years life got in the way until he began his current position at MMC. “After a couple of years in the safety and security field, I came across a job opening at Marymount Manhattan College on the Upper East Side of New York City…My children and wife all encouraged me to begin taking classes.  They pointed out the convenience and told me that there are no more excuses. They were right,” said Emmons.

Congratulations Michael on this accomplishment! To read the full article, click here.