MMC senior to offer yoga on campus!

October 11, 2017
  • MMC Senior Katie Ross
    MMC Senior Katie Ross
Dance major Katie Ross was certified as a vinyasa yoga instructor last summer and now is offering yoga classes to her MMC peers. 

Ross’s first class is Wednesday, October 18, from 6 to 7 p.m. in the Commons West. It’s free and open to yogis of all levels.

Ross, who has a concentration in Body, Science and Motion, plus a minor in Neuroscience, says she began practicing yoga to help when she was feeling overwhelmed by a busy schedule of classes and internships.

“Yoga teaches me how to worry about the past or future less, and live in the present more,” Ross says. 

Vinyasa, the style of yoga she teaches, coordinates breath and movement as a practice of staying mindful in the present moment. 

Ross first learned the benefits of mindfulness here at MMC. “During my freshman year, just out of curiosity, I took a few mindfulness meditation classes with Suzanne Sorrentino of the Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC). These classes sparked my interest in the power of awareness without judgment,” she says. “By adding yoga to the mix, I was able to discover another mindfulness tool.”

Ross is enthusiastic about introducing her fellow MMC students to yoga and mindfulness practices. “I am excited to teach at MMC because my interest in mindfulness began here. I truly believe yoga can be for anyone who is open to it - you just have to come to your mat!”

Ross is currently scheduled to teach on October 18 and October 25 as a pilot program, sponsored by CWC. If attendance is strong, the program will be extended. For more information, call CWC, 212-774-0700. Please click here to sign up for the October 18 class. 

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