Science Society Hosts Weill Cornell Scholars for Epidemics Panel

December 07, 2017
  • Epidemics panel 12/6/17
On Dec. 6, 2017, the Science Society of Marymount Manhattan hosted a group of distinguished scholars from Weill Cornell for a panel on Epidemics.

On Wednesday, December 6th, three Weill Cornell scientists visited Marymount Manhattan to present a panel on infectious diseases. The event was hosted by the Science Society, a student club, as an opportunity for students to make connections with local biomedical professionals. The discussion was moderated by Dr. Robert Frawley, Adjunct Professor of Biology, who teaches a course in Epidemics at MMC. The panelists included:

Dr. Flonza Isa, M.D. - Infectious Disease Specialist, Weill Cornell Medical Center

Crischi Nötzel - Ph.D. Candidate, Immunology, Weill Cornell Graduate School

Allison Basham - Physician Assistant, Dept. of Surgery, Weill Cornell Medical Center

The panelists discussed their approaches to identifying an unknown infectious disease and how their knowledge of infectious diseases influences their daily lives. They mused on the role of the media in framing our perception of disease. The panel also focused on the anti-vaccination movement and resulting outbreaks of previously eradicated diseases.

The panel was standing-room only, with 35 students in attendance. Special thanks to Emma Kamen and Julia Furnari, the student leaders of the Science Society, for facilitating and promoting this event!