January 09, 2018
  • The Group working at MMC
    The Group working at MMC
  • Value chart + a sketch of R Ferari's suitcase
    Value chart + a sketch of R Ferari's suitcase
  • Body contour 1
    Body contour 1
  • Body Contours 2 & 3 plus a profile sketch
    Body Contours 2 & 3 plus a profile sketch
  • Shaaaapes
  • watercolor test
    watercolor test
  • Architecture Piece
    Architecture Piece
  • Object Piece
    Object Piece
  • Watercolor Test 2
    Watercolor Test 2
  • One of two Michelangelo's Finished Paintings
    One of two Michelangelo's Finished Paintings
  • Sistine Chapel Display
    Sistine Chapel Display
  • tattoos are cool.
    tattoos are cool.

January 7th, 2018, the group had the utmost privilege, as one does living in New York City, to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to catch the last day of the Leonardo to Matisse: Master Drawings exhibit.

That’s right. Leonardo DaVinci and Henri Matisse. And many more.

Professors Jo Wood-Brown and Adrienne Bell led the group around the exhibition, stopping at important works through the progression and development of drawing and artistic styles. 


Per the theme of the class, after the discussion, we were tasked to draw three things: an object, architecture, and a portrait, learning from the. greats themselves. 


Once we were done with that section and had lunch, we went to the phenomenal Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman & Designeran exhibit that Professor Bell stated, had been years in the making. We were able to see one of two known finished Michelangelo paintings. The painting we viewed was completed when he was twelve


On display, was a one-quarter scale Sistine Chapel ceiling. Of course, we would see the real one soon.


January 8th, 2018, the group went to Marymount Manhattan College to have an intense Drawing basics class with Professor Wood-Brown. The students went over tonal values, contour drawings, shapes and perspective, and watercolor. Professor Wood-Brown emphasized the philosophy behind drawing and all different levels of artists were able to work together and learn.


Next: Italy.

Location: the met
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