New Documentary SKY AND GROUND Screening and Q&A: PHOTOS

March 05, 2018
  • Dr. Jennifer Mueller (left), Joshua Bennett, Prof. Ellen Houston (Right)
  • Documentary Producer Joshua Bennett
  • Student Juan Osorio asks a question during Q&A
  • Professor Ellen Houston and Joshua Bennett discussing the creation of documentary Sky and Ground. 
  • IS alumna Deirdre Quinn asks a question during Q&A
The International Studies Department at MMC hosted a screening of the new film Sky and Ground and a talk-back discussion with one of the film’s directors/producers, Joshua Bennett.

Sky and Ground follows the Nabi clan, a Syrian-Kurdish family, as they painstakingly trek from their home in war torn Aleppo, to refugee camps on the Greek/Macedonia border, and ultimately on foot, stealing through Serbia, Hungary and Austria, in hopes for asylum in Berlin. A gripping and heart-wrenching look at the current Syrian refugee crisis, the film is not only a look at current international relations and human rights violations, it’s also a touching look at the connective tissue of family and the fight for freedom. After the screening, students had access to behind-the-scenes details from producer Joshua Bennett who discussed his experience working on the film while responding to audience questions on human rights, the Nabi family, and the dangers of filming their journey across Europe. 

Thank you to all who attended and to Joshua Bennett for a truly special evening!