Senior Alexis Valera Embarks on Career in Physical Therapy

  • Alexis Valera '18
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Alexis Valera ’18, a double major in Biomedical Sciences and Dance: Body, Science, and Motion, will start a Doctor of Physical Therapy program after graduation this May.

As a double major in Biomedical Sciences and Dance: Body, Science, and Motion, senior Alexis Valera is used to a busy schedule. Starting in June 2018, she will be attending Hunter College’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program. She was also offered admission to additional programs including New York Medical College, Touro College, Mercy College, Drexel University, and University of Connecticut—a testament to her stellar academic record at MMC.

Read about Alexis’s MMC experience in her own words:

Pursuing a B.S. Biomedical Sciences and B.A. Dance: Body, Science, and Motion degrees has fostered my life-long interest in human anatomy and physiology. My foundational science courses laid the groundwork for learning the human body’s functions, while my dance classes allowed me to physicalize the acquired material. Throughout my training in college, studying bodily structures made me further aware of my own alignment and muscle engagement. With this, I have recognized the risk of injury in such a physically demanding art form and the importance of therapeutic treatments for recovery. 

My unique experience at MMC has not only prepared me for coursework at the doctoral level, but also for my patient-care experiences at physical therapy offices and rehabilitation centers. The professors of the Biology department have created a close-knit community, where I was encouraged to take learning into my own hands. During my internships, the department’s individualized approach encouraged me to connect with patients, provide mutual understanding, and empower them to be proponents of their own well-being.

Anticipating graduation in May, I feel ready and excited for the next chapter of my life. I look forward to working with dancers and other athletes as I hope to specialize in sports and dance rehabilitation. I also aspire to study the causes of injuries, promote prevention and care, and investigate the physiological, biomechanical, and neuromotor aspects of movement. I believe that the MMC Biology and Dance departments have prepared me for this upcoming step and I am grateful for their indispensable knowledge and support.