Dr. Tahneer Oksman Talks NYC Seminar in “Spirit” Article

April 18, 2018
  • Dr. Tahneer Oksman, Academic Writing
In a recent West Side Spirit article discussing the “One Book, One New York” program, Academic Writing professor Tahneer Oksman discusses her NYC Seminar, New York’s Literary Women, and the nominated title used in her class.

Alizah Salario’s April 17th article discusses the “One Book, One New York” reading program in New York City, the nation’s largest community program of its kind, returning for a second year. The program, as Salario writes, aims to unite citizens of the five boroughs through the universality of an individual book, read together. New Yorkers have the opportunity to vote for one book among five nominated titles. Our very own Tahneer Okman utilizes in her classroom one of this year’s nominees, Esmeralda Santiago, and her book When I Was Puerto Rican.

I teach ‘When I was Puerto Rican’ in a literary seminar called ‘New York’s Literary Women.’ Students love Santiago’s book, not only because the writing is so readable and engaging, but because she paints such vivid pictures of everything from her childhood in Puerto Rico to her very first time being in New York. Many of my students are living in NYC for the first time, and while their individual experiences inevitably differ, there is something recognizable in Santiago’s melancholy story of leaving a beloved home and childhood to face an uncertain future.”  

This year’s winner will be announced on Thursday, May 3, 2018. 

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