MMC Professor Presents Research at ACIS Conference in Ireland

June 20, 2018
Long-time Academic Writing professor Patrick McCarthy is attending and presenting his research at the annual American Conference for Irish Studies, this year at University College Cork, Ireland.

The 2018 conference theme is “Environments of Irish Studies” with presentations ranging in a wide variety of topics and disciplines. Professor McCarthy’s presentation is titled “Satire in Irish Legend: An Exploration of the role of Comedy in the Irish Mythological Landscape.”

This isn’t the first time Patrick has presented his work for ACIS. As a former member of the organization, Professor McCarthy has delivered presentations at several of the conferences in the early 2000s in Ireland, Britain, and the United States.

About the Conference

Founded in 1960, the American Conference for Irish Studies is with approximately 800 international members the largest multidisciplinary organization in the field of Irish Studies. The organisation holds regional meetings across the United States, with an annual national meeting attended by over 300 delegates.

Professor McCarthy’s abstract

Ireland has always had and celebrated its rich sense of humor. What is surprising however, is how far back it can be traced in the culture’s literary history. Many of Ireland’s oldest myths and legends demonstrate a rich sense of the absurd that is often missing from the serious and self-important epic mythology of other mythic traditions. 158 The intent of this presentation is to examine how comedy is used in Irish legends and its purpose. Read the rest (and the other presentations) here!