MMC Dance Department’s Technical Director, Phillip Trevino, is a Finalist in the Rosco’s Gobo Design Challenge

September 27, 2018
  • Phillip Trevino- Lighting Design
    Phillip Trevino- Lighting Design

Our MMC Dance Department’s very own technical director, Phillip Trevino, is being honored as a finalist in the Rosco’s Gobo Design Challenge this year. He is being recognized for lighting design for Brian Brooks Moving Company’s show entitled DESCENT. Click on the link below to vote for his design!



About the Design, 

Phillip explains “Designer’s Description: In 2011, I was designing a piece for Brian Brooks Moving Company called DESCENT. The concept was to play with the idea of the body in relationship to the floor. So there was haze used and templates to cut through the haze in order to emphasize the space specifically in relation to the floor. I had wanted to create some sort of dot grid gobo and found nothing to order. My solution was to take two lines gobos and sandwich them into a holder 90 degrees from each other. The attached gobo is what the result of sandwiching these two gobos became. You can find an image of the gobo in use of a performance at: I think this gobo will become useful for those designers that want rays of light in a very geometrical sort of way with the use of haze.”
From The Judges: “This is a simple geometric pattern that would allow for variety of uses in architectural lighting context. Geometric language like this is open enough for creative exploration. Also there is a lack of suitable gobos for architectural use. This would be a great addition.”

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Phillip Trevino, Lighting Design
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