Modern Dance Professor, Belinda McGuire, performs at Fall for Dance Toronto

October 09, 2018
  • Belinda McGuire, Fall for Dance Toranto
    Belinda McGuire, Fall for Dance Toranto

Belinda McGuire, new to the Marymount Manhattan Dance Faculty this year, teaches Jose Limon’s technique to our Modern ll students here at Marymount. In her own career, she most recently performed in Fall for Dance Toranto in a piece entitled Counter Cantor. The piece was choreographed by a Canadian choreographer, Anne Plamondon, who set the piece for two women. With one of the original dancers unable to perform due to health reasons, Belinda McGuire was gifted the opportunity. To read more on this performance click on the article link below! Congratulations Belinda!


Belinda McGuire performs in Fall for Dance

Balinda McGuire, Fall for Dance


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