Faculty Member Wins Rosco Gobo Design Contest

October 12, 2018
  • Philip Trevino
  • Trevino's winning gobo
  • Trevino's gobo on stage
Philip Trevino, Technical Director of Dance, has been selected as the winner of the Rosco Gobo Design Contest.

The Rosco Gobo Design contest seeks to discover and highlight the most useful, innovative new gobo patterns benefitting the lighting community. As the winner of the contest, Trevino’s design will be included in the renowned Rosco Gobo Catalog, the world’s largest catalog of gobo patterns and templates for use in any lighting design.

Trevino’s design, a “dot grid gobo,” was originally created for a dance piece entitled, DESCENT at Brian Brooks Moving Company. He was looking for a way to “play with the idea of the body in relationship to the floor” and, not finding any suitable existing gobos, created his own by overlaying two lines gobos at a 90 degree angle. The result was Trevino’s “Square Radiant” prototype.

Lighting Designer Tapio Rosenius was the judge that chose Square Radiant as a finalist. Though originally designed for dance productions, Tapio felt that the simple geometric pattern of “Square Radiant” would be versatile in numerous contexts, remarking that, “Geometric language like this is open enough for creative exploration.”

In addition to being featured in the Rosco Catalog, Trevino will also receive a copy of his winning gobo and an Image Spot ® LED gobo projector to show it off.

Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment!