Creative Writing Seniors Share Final Seminar Pieces

  • Dr. Jerry Williams (rear center) and his students in CRW 490: Senior Seminar
On Monday, December 10, the seven Creative Writing majors in Dr. Jerry Williams’ Senior Seminar course presented from their final pieces to a room full of friends, family, and teachers.


Dr. Williams, Director of Creative Writing here at MMC welcomed the room, noting the importance of this year’s event as it marks the first for the program. Corinne Diorio, Noelle Maticke, Halle Roberts and Vaughn O’Connor shared a number of their poems, showcasing their technique and command of imagery and voice. Kacie Reilly, Manny Gerald, and Cassie Sublette rounded out the afternoon with excerpts from their short stories. We are so proud, impressed, and excited for our amazing seniors!

Featuring: The Fall 2018 Creative Writing Senior Seminar program

Corinne Diorio

Noelle Maticke

Kacie Reilly

Halle Roberts

Vaughn O’Connor

Manny S. Gerald

Cassie Sublette


Dr. Jerry Williams