Students Receive Behind-the-Scenes Tour of GMA

December 13, 2018
  • MMC students tour the GMA studio
Students in Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Arts Dan Hunt’s Storytelling Across Media seminar were treated to a VIP tour of the Good Morning America (GMA) set.

All semester, students in Storytelling Across Media have been learning about story structure and the different tools a media maker can use to tell stories—including print, sound, photographs, and video.  On December 7, the class met in midtown for a VIP, behind-the-scenes tour of Good Morning America, arranged by Taylor Behrendt, an MMC alumna who is a producer at GMA.  During this excursion, students were able to see how a national live television show is executed and how the producers at GMA use media to tell stories and convey information. After the experience, students wrote reflection papers analyzing their observations.